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Role diversity

Paramedics in PEI work in a variety of settings and have a number of employment opportunities. The evolution of our profession continues to create more opportunities for paramedics to serve Islanders.

Island EMS

Island EMS is the sole ground ambulance emergency medical service (EMS) agency. Employing more than 150 paramedics across the province, Island EMS offers pre-hospital emergency care, non-emergency transfer, in-hospital collaborative care, palliative and mobile integrated health services (MIH).

To learn more about Island EMS click here.

Holland College

Holland College is PEI's community college which delivers a 2-year Primary Care Paramedicine (PCP), a 10 month Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) program, and a 3-year distance ACP program. Holland College has an excellent reputation in the industry country-wide and is accredited by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Island paramedics organize, instruct, and facilitate stations for students to practice skills and scenarios.

For more information on Holland College and their paramedic programs click here.

University of PEI

The University of PEI is a new educational and employment opportunity for paramedics in PEI. Currently, three paramedics that are very experienced in education and research are employed by UPEI and educate paramedics enrolled in the Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Paramedicine program.

For more information about opportunities for paramedics at UPEI click here.

Island First Aid Services

Island First Aid Services (IFAS) also employs paramedics in delivering medical and first aid education, and providing first aid coverage for events.

For more on IFAS click here.

Updated: April 1 2018

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