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Get involved and inspire change in the rapidly advancing profession of paramedicine. Join PAPEI and PAC in working towards our goal of improving clinical practice and ultimately the care our patients receive.

PAPEI is currently the sole professional association for paramedics within PEI. PAPEI has over 130 members, representing the vast majority of paramedics working in our province. All members receive a PAC membership and benefits, possess equal voting rights, and may attend all association meetings and events.

Payment for membership may be made by cash, cheque or an Island EMS payroll deduction of $5.00 biweekly.

Under the Bylaws of PAPEI, there are 5 membership categories.

Regular Members

These individuals shall include paramedics licensed to practice in Prince Edward Island who have duly registered with the Association, and who remain in good standing.

Annual Membership Fees are $130.00.

Student Members

Student members are individuals who are not presently licensed to practice as Paramedics in the Province of Prince Edward Island, but who are receiving training to become paramedics. Annual Membership Fees are $130.00.

Honorary and Lifetime Members

The Executive of the Association may, by majority vote, confer Honorary or Lifetime Membership upon individuals as they may consider appropriate.  Both Honorary and Lifetime members shall pay no dues, shall have voting rights and may participate in any activity of the Association.

Associate Members

These are individuals who have been trained at any time as paramedics (or EMT’s) and have left the profession in good standing.  While they may no longer hold a valid license or may have been licensed in another province or state, they are welcome to maintain their membership with the Association.  Those who are in good standing shall have voting rights and may participate in any activity of the Association.

Annual Membership Fees are $130.00

Pictured from left to right: Stacey Grant and Josh MacPherson. Photo credit: Island EMS.

Updated: April 1 2018

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