How are paramedics regulated?

Paramedics in Prince Edward Island are highly trained health care professionals who must have successfully completed a Primary Care Paramedicine (PCP) diploma program, and if they so choose may continue their education and get licensed to practice Advanced Care Paramedicine (ACP). After completing a paramedic training program, paramedics must be licensed by the Emergency Medical Services Board of Prince Edward Island.

Please note that PAPEI does not  assess applications or issue licenses; however, is committed to providing educational opportunities for Continuing Education Credits (CEU) as needed for re-licensing.

For more information on the function of the EMS Board and licensing requirements click here or contact Emergency Health and Planning Services:

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Board of Prince Edward Island
c/o Emergency Health Services – Health and Wellness
3rd Floor Sullivan Building, Fitzroy Street, PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

How do I get licensed to practice?

All paramedics in PEI are licensed by the EMS Board after submitting an application and having met all of their requirements. Below are links to forms applicable to licensing as a paramedic in PEI.

Emergency Medical Technician License Application and Instructions

COPR Entry-to-Practice Exam Registration Form

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Form

Verification of Registration Form

Emergency Call-Out Form

Act and Regulations

Paramedics in PEI are regulated by the Emergency Medical Services Board of the Department of Health and Wellness pursuant to the Emergency Medical Technicians Act & Regulations.

Updated: March 24 2019